Paul Thompson

Zur Person / Biographical Details

Paul Thompson is Professor of Organisational Analysis in the Department of Human Resource Management at the University of Strathclyde. He was formerly Professor of Management and Head of Department of Business Studies, University of Edinburgh. His recent research has focused on workplace innovation and teamworking in the Scottish Spirits Industry, and work organisation in call centres. He has written extensively on general trends in work and organisations. Recent published work includes Workplaces of the Future (edited with Chris Warhurst, Macmillan, 1998) and Organisational Misbehaviour (Sage, 1999, with Stephen Ackroyd).

Paul Thompson is co-organiser of the International Labour Process Conference and Editor for the Palgrave Series, Management, Work and Organisations; and Critical Perspectives on Work and Organisations. He also has a broad interest in public policy and is Editor of Renewal: a Journal of Labour Politics and a member of the Advisory Board of Centre for Scottish Public Policy.

Ausgewählte Publikationen / Selected Publications

  • Workplaces of the Future (ed., with Chris Warhurst), London 1998
  • Organisation Misbehaviour (with Stephen Ackroyd), London 1999
  • The Politics of Partnership? Innovation in Employment Relations in the Scottish Spirits Industry (with Abigail Marks, Patricia Findlay, James Hine, Alan McKinlay).; in: British Journal of Industrial Relations, 36.2, June 1998, 209-226
  • Internationalisation and Integration: A Comparison of Manufacturing and Service Firms (with Carol Jones, Dennis Nickson and Terry Wallace); in: Competition and Change: The Journal of Global Business and Political Economy, 3.4, 1998, 387-415
  • Follow the Redbrick Road: A Reflection on Pathways in and Out of the Labour Process Debate (with Chris Smith); in: International Studies of Management and Organization, Winter 2000-1, 30.4, 40-67
  • Edwards Revisited: Technical Control in Call Centres (with George Callaghan); in: Economic and Industrial Democracy, 22.1, February 2001, 13-37
  • Ignorant Theory and Knowledgeable Workers: Interrogating the Connections Between Knowledge, Skills and Services; in: Journal of Management Studies, 38.7, November 2001, 923-942