Research at the institute specialises in issues of work and employment. Within this clearly defined profile, it covers a broad range of topics and activities.

FORBA’s research areas deal with the micro level of the individual, social interaction and working conditions and the meso level of the organisation or network as well as with the macro level of the labour market and global economy. Research practice at the institute relies on a series of qualitative and quantitative methods. Special features of research at FORBA include its multidisciplinary character and openness to many forms of cooperation. Although grant-funded academic research currently predominates, the institute’s strengths also include contract and policy-consultancy research.

Research areas

Research projects

Project titleKey project staffStatusDuration
Arbeitsbedingungen im Gütertransportwesen. Ist-Analyse der Logistik- Arbeitsplätze als Grundlage zur Gestaltung von Logistik-LeitsystemenThomas Riesenecker-Caba, Christian Stary, Ulrike Papouschek, Manfred Krenn, Jörg Fleckercompleted08/1995 - 11/1995
Wissenschaftliche Grundlagen und Vorarbeiten zur Entwicklung eines EU-richtliniengetreuen Bewertungsinstruments für BildschirmarbeitChristian Stary, Thomas Riesenecker-Caba, Jörg Fleckercompleted05/1994 - 10/1994
The Austrian NAP 2002 from a Gender PerspectiveIngrid Mairhubercompleted05/2002 -
Kooperationsnetz prospektive Arbeitsforschung (KoprA) – Plattform Verteilte ArbeitJörg Fleckercompleted
Außeruniversitäre Forschung – Für Frauen eine attraktive Alternative zum Hochschulbereich?Ulrike Papouschek, Ulli Pastnercompleted10/1998 -
SOQUA Plus – Aufbauseminare zu Methoden und Praxis in den SozialwissenschaftenUrsula Holtgrewe, Jörg Fleckercompleted