Development of a Training Programme for Enhancing Co-creation in the Creative Industries through the use of Sharing Economy

Duration: 10/2018 - 04/2021
Status: completed
Research area: Labour market, working time and qualification, Work and organisation
Key project staff: Bernhard Saupe, Philip Schörpf
Funded by: European Commission, Erasmus+ Programme
Cooperation: COORDINA (ESP), Dienstencentrum (NL), Economic chambers of Valencia (ESP) and Russe (BG)

Doing business in the Creative Industry is not easy. By rapidly innovating customer needs, the demand for creativity among employers and employees is increasing. In addition, entrepreneurs want to recruit their (potential) customers with self-developed business concepts. But the development of new business concepts is not easy in practice. As an SME entrepreneur you can hardly do without the professional help of colleagues in the sector. And especially those colleagues who can contribute additional knowledge and expertise. This leads to innovative business models that respond better to future customer needs. Here the principle applies: Strong together.

The ERASMUS + project COL-CREATION should help SMEs in the Creative sector to learn how to develop new business concepts. We want to achieve this by providing sectoral information, individual approach to employers and employees with tailor-made training materials. This should lead to new perspectives, as a result of which companies in the Creative Industry, together with other colleagues in the production chain, will arrive at new innovative business models. With the ultimate goal: to create more business through innovative business management.

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