Consultation with regard to provision of cross-sectoral representativeness study

Duration: 11/2020 - 06/2022
Status: completed
Research area: Industrial relations and co-determination
Key project staff: Georg Adam
Funded by: Europäische Stiftung zur Verbesserung der Lebens- und Arbeitsbedingungen (Eurofound)

In the framework of the ongoing so-called ‘representativeness studies’ Eurofound conducts another project – with the goal to gather information to support the cross-sectoral European social dialogue. To this end, the relevant national and supranational cross-sectoral (peak level) social partner organisations in the field of industrial relations have to be identified and analysed. The impetus for this project originates from the European Commission’s desire to recognise the representative social partner organisations to be consulted under the provisions of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). FORBA is associated to this project by a consultation service contract in order to safeguard quality assurance in methodological and content-related terms.