Tuesday 23. April 2019, 5pm-6:30pm, Chamber of labour (AK-Wien), Plößlgasse 2, 6.th floor, 1040 Vienna

SOZNET-AK invites you to discuss the effects of precarious employment and work intensification on quality of work, productivity and workers‘ solidarity. The diversity of employment patterns and new forms of work organisation pose important challenges for workers representation. Four short inputs give insights into current academic, political and union debates on how to reframe and practice solidarity in times of fragmented employment.


Welcome and Introduction

4 Inputs:

  • Valeria Pulignano (K.U.Leuven): Precarity Between Old and New Forms of Work: Threat or Opportunity for Trade Unions or both ?
  • Kirsty Newsome and Peter Nolan (Sheffield): Declining Productivity, Increasing Precarity: some reflections
  • Vera Glassner (Chamber of Labour): Reflections on Challenges for Worker Solidarity in Austria
  • Adele Siegl (works councillor, Foodora): Workers’ Representation in the Gig Economy. Insights from the Shopfloor

Moderated discussion

Registration: sp@akwien.at


The Chamber of Labour (AK) is an integral part of the Austrian political system. One of its major tasks is to represent and promote the social, economic, professional and cultural interests of workers and employees. Apart from this, the Chamber supports trade unions and works councils and works jointly with them. The Chamber offers expertise in divergent fields (like economics, social policy, justice, education and consumer protection) as well as advisory service and legal protection for its members. It is also involved in research into work-related matters. The Research Network SOZNET includes University and Non-University Social Research institutions and aims to strengthen Austrian labor research through greater cooperation and networking. SOZNET-AK is a cooperation with the Chamber of Labour Vienna, which promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience of social science research and the Vienna Chamber of Labour. FORBA has the coordinating role in this cooperation.